Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kommaghatta Tank - Full of surprises

After an amazing trip to Ramanagara, we were all charged up to continue birding for the rest of the day. After an energy-boosting lunch, we headed off to Kommaghatta Tank.

When we got there, all we could see was a huge flock of Common Coots. Suddenly, one of us spotted a Pied Cuckoo on a wire. Very close to it, there was another one. They were flying around the shrubs in the plots meant for a residential layout. Red-vented Bulbuls and Ashy Prinias were mobbing them.

Red-vented Bulbul

As we approached the reed beds, we were surprised with a lifer - Streaked Weavers. These shy birds were flying in and out of the reeds, hardly giving us an opportunity to watch them well and photograph them. Their nests on the reed beds are also so different from a Baya Weaver's nest.

Streaked Weaver

Although the Red Avadavat eluded us, we got to see a huge flock of Black-headed Munias.

Among water birds, Greater Cormorants and Oriental Darters were magnificent to watch. A Yellow Bittern made a brief appearance before disappearing into a tree. Just as we were leaving, a Common Kingfisher posed for us patiently. What an end to a great day of birding!

Where is Kommaghatta Tank? When driving towards Bangalore from Mysore, at Kengeri, there is a flyover under construction. At this point, there is a road that slopes upwards. Take that road and follow it till the first major junction. Take a left here and drive straight. You'll cross the NICE road atop a flyover. Kommaghatta Tank is just beyond the flyover on the right-hand side.

List of birds


Bhandara said...

LOL .. that lunch was literally energy booster only .. nothing for the taste buds.


Shreeram M V said...

Vineet, can't agree with you more :)

bhanu durga said...

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