Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Airtel Service - Happy, yet...

I spent my December vacation at home...sweet home - Hyderabad. It was great fun, until my cellphone suddenly refused to boot one day. Debugging the problem showed that the SIM card had somehow got "corrupted".

Next step - I landed up at an Airtel Customer Care center. Within 5 minutes, I was in front of a support executive with pleasant manners. I explained my problem (and was waiting for accusations to be hurled at me for mishandlng my phone). Surprise - nothing of that sort happened. He took my number down, called up the "stock-keeper" (I was on roaming) and within 10 minutes, I was out of the service center. I had a smile on my face while I walked out.

However, things were not what they seemed to be. Our friendly executive didn't do the core job right. He somehow got me an incompatible SIM card. My phone wouldn't work.

So, another trip to the service center. Again, I was in front on a service executive in 5 minutes. Again, no qustions asked. He made a few calls to ascertain the change he was going to make. Within 10 minutes, I walked out with a new SIM card.

And it worked this time!

The whole experience left a good impression on me. No haggling. No charges. Just a no-questions-asked service. The only thoughts that lingered were: Are soft skills more important in a service set-up compared to the actual job? Would you pay a higher price if the service executive treated you well?